Founded in 2012, Rare Dots specializes in leveraging its mastery in science communications, cohort selection and organizing, policy campaigns and dissemination initiatives, and passion to get things done that curate new approaches for your initiatives.

You know your routines and its always easy to energize your typical community. What about the makers-of-impact? The explorers? Where are those unusual characters able to take your project to the next level?

Getting them to take notice and unearthing new enthusiasm – That is the superpower of Rare Dots.


biosecurity / digital health
Biohacking Village
Broadcast Production / Strategy / Tech for Good
Project Baseline
Healthcare Transformation
Connecting on What Matters
What Matters / Today / Strategy
Transformation Accelerator/Kaiser Permanente
Community Outreach / Clinic Transformation
Family-Match and Adoption-Share
Tech for Good / Adoption Matching
Digital Therapeutics Alliance
Industry Pioneer / Tech for Good
Digital Strategy / Broadcast Production / Healthcare Advocacy
Flip the Clinic
Community Outreach / Digital Strategy / Clinic Transformation
Vital Crowd
Community Outreach / Digital Strategy



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