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BIO-ISAC: Securing the Bioeconomy

The Bioeconomy Information Sharing and Analysis Center (BIO-ISAC) is an international organization that addresses threats unique to the bioeconomy and enables coordination among stakeholders to facilitate a robust and secure industry, founded in 2021.

Created in response to demand from United States national security objectives, BIO-ISAC provides a central resource for gathering information on threats to infrastructure impacting and forming the bioeconomy and two-way sharing of information between and among public and private sectors in order to identify, protect, detect, respond, recover, and build resilience from attacks on public and private bioeconomy infrastructure. BIO-ISAC helps spur the development and evaluation of defensive tools to address these threats and includes vulnerability identification and mitigation and education and outreach aimed at reducing risk to the nation’s biosecurity infrastructure.

Together with colleagues, Whitney is a cofounder of this non-profit organization.

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