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Flip the Clinic: RWJF

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Collaborating with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a grantee and eventually a co-principal investigator, Whitney served as the managing director for Flip the Clinic for four years.

Flip the Clinic was created by Thomas Goetz and became an RWJF-funded national outreach and clinical changemaking project with Whitney and Reos Partners.

She served as the lead executive of this national project to promote systems thinking in healthcare, adapting from design thinking to “design doing" to find pragmatic approaches that drive change and improve processes in clinics, cities, and other geographies. Together with the Flip the Clinic team, the project hosted more than 25 events across the United States, designing more than 125 "Flip" projects.

These efforts gained national and international recognition, including having Whitney serve as an on-the-record spokesperson for several events and an awarded keynote speaker, speaking at the National Society for Genetic Counselors meeting in 2017. Whitney also received invitations to speak at the U.S. Health and Human Services headquarters and at the White House Champions of Change event, featuring the work at Flip the Clinic.

The final year, Whitney lead an intensive change management effort with a children's behavioral health practice that drove a 250% reduction in new patient diagnostics, process wait times, and created a model for national expansion. The clinic opened its second location in 2019 and later the clinic pursued a rebrand, investors, and expanded to Northern Virginia in 2023.

Whitney also served as the lead writer and Executive Editor for the Flip the Clinic Playbook, a 200-page publication and guide to strengthening the clinical environment and the team working on changemaking.

Flip the Clinic - check out the community, project ideas, and implementation strategies

Flip the Clinic Playbook - get your copy!

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