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Hospital Security: Biohacking Village

Serving as Chief of Staff, Whitney guided the COVID-era of the village, including the creation of an interactive online production environment for DEF CON in 2021 with customized presentation rooms, table top training portals, and experiential education.

Thanks to the Light Collective, a group of interested individuals seeking increased privacy, security, and safety online, particularly in health care, Whitney first experienced the issues facing cybersecurity inside hospitals. Learning the vulnerability of medical devices, information, and dispensing equipment first hand during a capture-the-flag training, she looked for opportunities to support and strengthen the reach of the work of the cybersecurity community.

The Biohacking Village was established as a non-profit organization in 2014. The healthcare landscape is large and at times it is difficult for individuals to realize that security is just as critical as the patient care itself. The mission is to close that knowledge gap. We partner with medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, digital medicine, and patient advocacy groups, citizen scientists, industrial control systems, and healthcare delivery organizations (hospitals and clinics) in order to continue our research into making a safer patient environment.

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