Project Overview

Biohacking Village

Broadcast Production / Today / Strategy / Tech for Good

The Biohacking Village started with a small space and a big idea: Bring the forefront of citizen science and biomedical security to the world’s biggest hacker conference, DEF CON. With partners such as the FDA and Mayo Clinic, the Biohacking Village has become a primary conduit for the healthcare community to engage positively and proactively with security researchers.

Rare Dots supports the transformation of this 6-year program to an online-only delivery module, including speaker preparation, sponsorship retention, workforce development, tabletop exercise creation and delivery, new audience recruitment and engagement, and fundraising.

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Coming in April 2021, Biohacking Village will host a global Internet of Digestible Things hackathon in partnership with the Future Crimes Lab of UCL and leads of the London-based firm, Enteromics, to explore the ways we all might better understand our chemistry and gut microbiome through a 3D printed programmable polymer.