You know your story. You know your audience. With a 24/7 news cycle, business as usual gets your story to the self-proclaimed innovators, early adopters, and energized followers typical to your community. What about the dreamers? The makers-of-impact? The explorers? Where are those unusual characters able to take your project to a new audience, a next level? How do you get them to take notice? This is the superpower of Rare Dots.

Founded in 2012, Rare Dots combines policy acumen, polling expertise, communications mastery, and digital savvy with our sixth sense of trends and seeing ahead of current affairs to curate a new approach to your story.


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Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin, MPA, MSR, is a passionate community architect obsessed with connecting the dots of health care to provoke change for the greater good.

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I attended a walking tour once where the guide was going on about Von Gogh’s quest to paint yellow in the most yellowy of yellow ways. Even NIH articles talk about it. Theories abound.

As we walked, I gained an appreciation for the lengths this guy went to on his quest for a single portrait of yellowy yellowness. I remember the guide saying something like:

“Van Gogh sought his whole career to paint in a way that demonstrated how yellow made him feel.”

The tour was years ago but that line stuck with me. Has anything ever trapped you like that? Like a quest to craft a brushstroke for how something made you feel?

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We’re all vulnerable at different points in our life, and sometimes we are lucky enough to provoke a moment of awesome and inspiration from the depths of our vulnerability to inspire those around and ahead of us.

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The world is flooded with the notion that story is the key to finding and discovering the next great idea, exposing your true business model, and exploring the landscape of a deep problem. At Business Innovation Factory’s 2015 event in Providence, this concept hit the pavement and left many parts of my brain raw, exposed, and ready to dig deeper into what I was experiencing.

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I’m thrilled to be on the ground in Minneapolis this week speaking, attending, and geeking out at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting. You can join the fun on #ARM15Warning: we all really love a great regression analysis and r2.

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Finding the MacGyver moments inside clinical health care, Day One.

14 years ago this September, I experienced my first day working in clinical healthcare.

My second day at the practice, I encountered a high school student trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage and a newly diagnosed stage IV cancer patient rejoicing through her faith that this was the moment God planned to call her home.

To say I was in the express lane for education on “meeting a patient where they are” and helping them set and achieve their own goals vs. those of society or a textbook recommendation, would be an understatement. That abrupt lesson carved my path forward, though, and I left with an acute awareness of the capabilities of meaningful clinical encounters.

Every single day in health care left behind a scar of solvable need.

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